Terms of Borrowing

It’s free to use the library! You need a library card to borrow and use the computers. On your first visit, bring a valid ID with you to get your own library card. If you are under 18 years old, you will need the approval of your legal guardian.

Loan period

You may borrow books for 4 weeks. Books for which there is a queue to borrow and music discs may be borrowed for 2 weeks. You may borrow periodicals, films, video games and quick loans for 1 week. It is not allowed to borrow reference books.


Loan renewal

If nobody is waiting in the queue for a book you may renew your loan twice. You can choose to receive a notification via e-mail before your loans expire. You can manage your own loan renewals by logging in to “My pages” on our website. You log in using your library card number and PIN code.


What does it cost to borrow?

It’s free to borrow books from the library! If you have not returned your loan when the loan period has expired, we send a reminder via letter or e-mail after one week . You will then have to pay a fee of SEK 30. If you have still not returned your loan after two weeks , we send out a second reminder and you have to pay an additional fee of SEK 30. If, despite two reminders, we do not get back what you have borrowed we will send you a bill and you must replace what you have borrowed. If you return what you have borrowed obviously you do not have to pay the bill, however you must still pay the reminder fee.

If you have unpaid fees of SEK 60 or more you will not be permitted to borrow, or renew loans, until you have paid.

Children under 18 years old do not pay the reminder fees.


If you lose a book

If you happen to lose or destroy a book or anything else that you have borrowed you must pay for it. You cannot replace the lost book with another book. If you find the book later, unfortunately, we will not be able to pay back the money.

This is what it costs:

  • Adult books SEK 300
  • Children’s books SEK 150
  • Films SEK 500
  • Games SEK 400
  • Children’s periodicals SEK 50
  • Adult periodicals, paperbacks and CDs SEK 100


How to order books

If the book you are looking for has been loaned out or is available at another one of our libraries you can order the book to this library. This service is free of charge and you will receive notification when you can collect the book. If the book you are looking for is not available at Botkyrka Libraries, we can borrow the book from another municipality. This is called an interlibrary loan.


If you lose your library card

Contact the library and block your card so that nobody else can use it. You can block the card on our website. A new library card costs SEK 15 for those over 18 years old.


Managing your personal data

We use your personal data within the activities of Botkyrka Libraries. Personal data includes name, social security number, address, telephone number and other data linked to you as a person.  How we use the data is determined by the General Data Protection Regulation, that applies throughout the entire EU.

When you obtain a library card you enter into a loan agreement with Botkyrka Libraries. The library needs to use your personal data so that you can borrow and perform other errands at the library.

Botkyrka Libraries must treat your private information according to the General Data Protection Regulation. The library will not use your data for more than what is necessary so that you can borrow books and other items, book computers, download e-books and book rooms.

Loans are classified, according to the law. This means that those of us who work at the library never tell anyone what you have borrowed. When you return your loan, all details about your loan are removed from our system. 

When you receive your library card, the library registers your name, address and usually your social security number in the loan register. These details are required so that you can have a library card and use the library’s different services. You are entitled to know which data we have about you and to terminate the agreement.


My pages

On the library’s website you can use My Pages. When you are logged in to My Pages you can renew books and reserve what you wish to loan. You can also borrow e-books and use some of the library’s other e-services.

You log in to My Pages using your library card number and your PIN code. Always protect your PIN code, so that it is not spread to others.