Loans and reservations

Joining a library is free of charge!

When you join, you receive a library membership
card that entitles you to borrow items and use the
computers. Bring an ID-card (or other photo
identification, such as a passport) with you the first time you visit the library.

If you are under 18 you need a signed agreement
from your parent or guardian.

For how long may I borrow an item?

Books may be borrowed for 4 weeks. Books which
have also been reserved by others and CD’s can be
borrowed for 2 weeks. Magazines, films,
videogames and short-loan items can be borrowed for 1 week. Reference works such as
encyclopaedias and some dictionaries can only be
used in the library.

May I renew a loan?

You may renew your loan twice, if it is not already
reserved by someone else. If you so wish, we can
notify you by e-mail when your loan is about to
expire. If you open an account on our website, you
can renew your items there. You can also download e-books once you are logged in.

How much does it cost to borrow an item?

Borrowing from the library is free! However, if you
have not returned the item borrowed within 1 weekafter the due date, you will be charged an overdue fine of 30 SEK. We will send a reminder by letter or e-mail. If you still do not return the item after yet another week then you will be charged a further 30 SEK and we will send a bill for the overdue items. If you return the items borrowed then you do not need to pay the bill, but you will need to pay the overdue fine. If you have unpaid fines of 60 SEK or more, you will not be allowed to borrow further items until you have paid your debt. Children and youngsters under the age of 18 are not charged for overdue items.

What happens if I lose a bookor some other borrowed item?

If you lose or damage a book or some other item
borrowed from the library then you must pay for it. You may not replace the lost item with another one. Even if you find the lost item later, we cannot refund your money.

Cost of a lost or damaged item:

• Adult books 300 SEK
• Children’s books 200 SEK
• Films 500 SEK
• Children’s magazines 20 SEK
• Adult magazines 50 SEK

How do I order a book?

If the book you are looking for has already been
borrowed or is at another library, you can order it
and collect it at your library. This service is free of
charge and you will be informed when your book
is available. If the book you want is not available at libraries in the Botkyrka municipality, then we canmborrow it from a library in another municipality. Thisis called inter-library loan.

What if I lose my library card?

Contact your library immediately so that they can
block your card and prevent anyone else from using it. You can also block your card on our website. A replacement library card costs 15 SEK for people over the age of 18.


Your library loans are confidential. The staff at the
library is not allowed to tell anyone what you
borrow. When you return a book all information
about your loan is erased. This also includes any
details of overdue charges.

When we issue your library card you are registered
on our Register of Borrowers.This is administered
under the Personal Data Act (PUL). We do not
disclose information about people on our register toanyone. You have the right to know what information is kept about you.